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About Us

G&G provides professional consulting services to public and private sector clients. The public sector serves are performed by environmental professionals that are certified by the State and Local regulatory agencies that are entrusted with protecting the environment and public health. Our staff and managers are led by an executive team that has been providing regulatory compliance solutions to Inland Empire public agencies for thirty (30) years. Our extensive knowledge of inland area water, wastewater, reclaimed water, protection of the public water supply, hazardous materials management, and innovative compliance solutions allow us to assist public agencies comply with a wide range of federal, state, and local regulatory requirements.

On the private sector side, G&G has been assisting clients comply with regulatory requirements including those related to water, wastewater, stormwater, air quality, hazardous materials, and reclaimed water use. G&G is also dedicated to the preservation of natural resources through a variety of programs including solar energy audits and installations, sustainable irrigation system design and installation, recycled water use, backflow prevention, cross connection control, commercial and residential water audits and treatment system evaluations and installations.

Accurately identifying problems rather than symptoms combined with an extensive knowledge of existing and proposed regulatory requirements is the key to developing compliance solutions that stand the test of time. Our commitment is not just to do things right but to also ensure we are doing the right things separates us from “the other guys”. Our employees understand the environmental and regulatory compliance challenges faced by private and public sector businesses and look forward to becoming an integral part of your environmental and regulatory compliance team.

G&G takes great pride in the quality of work we provide our clients and recognize that repeat business only comes from satisfaction with each work product delivered! Our clients always receive our continuous commitment to resolving complex questions regarding regulatory compliance and in more efficient ways to use natural resources.

G&G has a growing list of satisfied customers that have confidence in our work and continue to retain our Program Management Services and to assist with new environmental and regulatory compliance issues and with making reasoned decisions regarding business practices and regulatory requirements which can improve sustainability.

G&G operates under the following Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code: 7389, NAICS Code 22130, and carries all required governmental insurance policies including Professional, General, Automobile Liability, and Workers Compensation.