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Reclaimed Water Services

G&G has certified cross-connection control specialists that have vast experience in the performance of on-site recycled use practices and in the application of local and state requirements that govern the proper use of recycled water. Most notably the requirements put forth in Title 17 and Title 22 CCR and local recycled water use ordinances and best management practices documents. The following is a brief description of the lines of authority and G&G has established great working relationships with all of the agencies.

Overview of Statutes and Regulations

G&G understands the coordination of effort and the lines of responsibility and authority in meeting public health requirements in addition to State mandates elated to protection of groundwater and surface waters that are maintained by the California State Water Resources Control Board.

State statutes and regulations pertaining to the use of recycled water in California can be found in the California Water Code (CWC), California Code of Regulations (CCR), and California Health and Safety Code. Water quality control plans (basin plans) may also contain the recycled water use policy of individual regional water quality control boards (regional water boards).

Our services include:

  • Review of blue-prints and site plans proposed for the use of recycled water
  • On-site audits for cross-connections
  • Developing test protocols and shut-down tests to document the separation of water and recycled water in accordance with the law
  • Recycled water use supervisor training
  • Conducting approved shut-down tests
  • Regulatory advocacy
  • Annual on-site inspections