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G&G is recognized as an innovative industry leader in the regulatory services profession that promotes cost effective & sustainable solutions that make tomorrow better than today.

Mission Statement

Customer Satisfaction is at the heart of all the services we provide at G&G. Our professional services are driven by values and beliefs that require that we “do things right” (competency) while ensuring that we are also “doing the right things.” (Integrity)

Values and Beliefs

We treat all people with civility, dignity, and respect.
We encourage open and honest communication and honor all ideas and opinions.
We act with integrity to build trust in our personal and professional relationships.
We believe that higher education and lifelong learning are cornerstones in the grooming of professionals and actively support professional development.
We embrace diversity in its many forms and work actively to create an open and honest workplace environment.
We encourage teamwork and recognize the synergy that it creates in solving complex problems when each team member has the opportunity to contribute.

Guiding Principals

We collaborate with one another and ensure our customers are valued in all of our efforts.
We apply the principles of sustainability in the solutions we develop to ensure our solutions have long term benefits for our customers.
We create and maintain a positive working environment that encourages ideas and stimulates the morale of all of our employees.
We gain and maintain our customer’s trust through responsible stewardship and fiscal transparency.
We meet challenges with thoughtful deliberation and purposeful actions.