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Project Experience

Below are representative projects that have been completed (or are ongoing) by G&G that demonstrate experience and success in the Regulatory Compliance Program area. Valuable experience is gained from each different Program that can be used to evaluate the most cost effective and beneficial strategies in the implementation of each Program for our clients.

Implementation of Corona DWP Backflow Prevention Program

G&G’s initial involvement in the City’s Backflow Prevention Program began with Program document reviews (Ordinance, Policy and Procedures, etc.) and in the surveying of all commercial and industrial user sites to identify backflow prevention devices. The survey revealed an additional 1,800 - 2,000 device than had previously not been identified by the City.

Beginning in 2012, G&G worked with the City to identify a new software tracking program to improve the administrative part of the program. Later that year, G&G began performing backflow testing services for the City with the assistance of a subcontractor (Empire Backflow). G&G now employs three certified testers in addition to the retention of the subcontractor to assure adequate coverage of all assignments.

Relevance to New Clients:

  • Staff is very familiar with the Municipal & City water distribution systems and operations
  • G&G employs administrative staff that is very familiar with the City’s Regulatory Programs and have years of experience with City filing systems and customer service practices and policies
  • Our designated Program Technical Lead worked for many years in a similar capacity for the City’s DWP as the Regulatory Compliance Manager

Cross-Connection Control Program Management - Corona DWP and EMWD

The designated Regulatory Program Support Manager for this Project, Gary Ethridge served as the Source Control Manager and later the Director of Environmental & Regulatory Compliance for EMWD. In that capacity he developed the Reclaimed Water Use Ordinance, supervised the staff of cross-connection control specialists (and contractors) and managed all permitting and inspection activities related to those programs.

Relevance to New Clients:

  • G&G currently implements the Reclaimed Water & Cross Connection Programs for the City of Corona
  • Project was on time and within budget
  • Demonstrates that G&G has a proven history of success in managing cross-connection control and regulatory compliance programs

Source Control Programs – Various Cities, CA.

G&G has successfully developed and implemented Source Control Program for the past 13 years. Additionally, several of our team members performed similar duties for City and Municipal Agencies for more than 30 years. G&G’s Industrial User Inspection programs have always included chemical inventory reviews, MSDS, spill containment, hazardous materials placards, storage of incompatible materials, and hazardous waste spills response.

Relevance to New Clients:

  • The PTP work performed in Corona includes many of the tasks identified under the RFP for Hazardous Materials Inspection and can be conducted during routine PTP inspections as an added element to reduce overall costs of the Hazardous Materials Inspection Program
  • G&G Staff have experience working with City Fire Departments in hazardous waste spill efforts and in performing joint inspections of chemical storage and placement of incompatible materials

Implementation of Reclaimed Water Conversion Program - City of Corona

G&G has been provided public agencies with professional services related to Reclaimed Water Conversion Programs. These programs are essential for agencies that are attempting to achieve recycle goals and/or to preserve the rapidly diminishing potable water resources during drought conditions. Our AWWA Certified Specialists has extensive experience is successful program management of new reclaimed water user programs including training, best management practices, and state and local regulations regarding the safe use of reclaimed water. Our staff has excellent working relationships with agency staff, Public Health Agency and Regional Water Quality Control Board staff members.

Relevance to New Clients:

  • Staff is very familiar with public agency programs, State and County Public Health Programs, Uniformed Plumbing Codes, and all relevant Title 17 and Title 22 requirements related to the safe and effective use of Reclaimed Water
  • G&G utilizes AWWA Cross-Connection Program Specialists
  • C-36 State of California Contractor’s License
  • Fully bonded and insured
  • Many years of proven Program and Project Management Experience

developed and continues to implement Pretreatment Programs (PTP) for many cities throughout the Inland Empire in southern CA.

G&G has successfully developed the PTP Ordinance, Local Limits, Enforcement Response Plan, and Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) for all clients listed. G&G has been retained by many to perform this work continuously for the past 14 years. The program consists of inspections, compliance tracking, enforcement, regulatory reporting, budgeting, sewer rate studies, interjurisdictional agreements, stormwater program management, and industrial user monitoring. G&G has developed a data base tacking software and also utilizes the LINKO CTS software for tracking compliance status for all Industrial Users.

Relevance to New Clients:

  • Staff is very familiar with public agency programs, State and County Public Health Programs, Uniformed Plumbing Codes, and all relevant Title 17 and Title 22 requirements related to the safe and effective use of Reclaimed Water
  • G&G employs state certified inspectors and has over 100 years of combined experience related to regulatory program management
  • Utilization of staff members across multiple programs and clients is much more efficient and reduces overall program costs for our clients
  • G&G staff & management have over three decades of experience implementing PTP and employ staff at all levels and certifications which allows G&G to assign the wide range of tasks that arise to the most appropriate skill level to assure the most efficient use of resources