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Cross Connection Control Services

G&G has extensive experience in the area of reclaimed water use and on-site audits; cross-connection control; shutdown testing; site supervisor training; and cross connection identification and remediation. Our staff is certified by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) as Cross Connection Specialists and has extensive experience with public agency programs as well as in assessing on-site plumbing configurations against state and local building codes and public health codes. G&G currently provides cross-connection control services for all new and existing reclaimed water users located with the City’s jurisdiction.

Our staff has experience in training site supervisor’s to understand the safe use of reclaimed water to achieve maximum benefit while protecting on-site safety and the public health. The safe and appropriate use of reclaimed water is essential in preserving the potable water supply for drinking water purposes.

Our extensive experience working with various City and Public Health Department agencies will make your project easier to gain approval and allow you or your business to begin utilizing reclaimed water to its maximum potential. G&G provides services through the Inland Empire and is ready to assist you with your next reclaimed water project.